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Even heroes...

Seldom do I bother to watch TV shows, for various reasons. I avoid stressful situations if I can, and there will always be friction about what these guys are watching. My friend, Roy Harper, calls them "idiot boxes" and my Dad called them "glass pacifiers." Issue one to every prisoner and you'd have fewer problems. Normally I have neither the time nor inclination to bother with it, but a recent morning saw me awake at 4:45 waiting for some Tylenol to kick in. I don't take my pain meds French-style. So I watched the TV through the window in the cell door.

I had heard of Smallville before, but hadn't done more than glance at the TV while it was on. In this particular episode I gathered that Clark Kent's father here on Earth had died or gotten killed. Yes, the show seemed a bit cheesy and over-the-top. I kept thinking about emotions, though. Here's Superman- super fast, super strong, super tough. Yet just as subject to emotional turmoil as you or me. Interesting concept.

My definition of a good book is one that makes you look at things differently. I just finished reading "Autobiography of a Yogi" by Paramahansa Yogananda, and I classify it as a great book. However, if you think it divulges techniques in practicing Kriya Yoga, you'll be disappointed. It does speak about emotions, though.

Think about it for a moment... How many of our actions and decisions are emotionally driven? We do things because they make us feel good. We refrain from doing things because they make us feel bad. Affection, anger, angst, anguish, annoyance, anxiety, apathy, arousal, awe, boredom, contempt, contentment, courage, curiosity, depression, desire, despair, disappointment, disgust, distrust, dread, ecstasy, embarrassment, envy, euphoria, excitement, fear, frustration, gratitude, grief, guilt, happiness, hatred, hope, horror, hostility, hurt, hysteria, indifference, interest, jealousy, joy, loathing, loneliness, love, lust, outrage, panic, passion, pity, pleasure, pride, rage, regret, remorse, sadness, satisfaction, shame, shock, shyness, sorrow, suffering, surprise, terror, trust, wonder, worry, zeal, zest. The whole gamut of emotions.

Emotions influence -and are influenced by- so many things. Mood, state of mind, how well our body functions, our health. Even the etymological root of the word emotion means "to stir up." And throughout history, being driven by emotions was viewed as something evil. Today's society in contrast is "self" centered and focused on self-gratification. I think there can be a middle ground though- acknowledging emotions without being completely driven by them. This is the balance that Kriya Yoga encourages, until you progress to the point of viewing it all as illusion. Easier said than done, since even Superman has trouble with it.

I don't plan on being up to watch Smallville on a regular basis, but I don't regret it this time. Reminded me that on some levels we all have our weaknesses.
Some things are more subtle than Kryptonite.

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I agree for the most part, i don't watch near the tv i used to, I had the satelite cut off watching the ole budget, missed it at first, but i really only watched a very few channels, mostly how to stuff. I would much rather be reading or outdoors doing!! hay, change of subject, but what the heck is going on these days at WCCF? is that place ever going to be half way safe? is it some of UNIT 32 or just the newbies taken in these days that have NO sense of family or Dreams? I saw what happende april 20 and called to check on my son right away, no news saturday of course, I called back Monday stressed out, the only answer i get is,,,, if the office has not called you, then your son is OK! No letter yet from him. HAS mail been shut down? ARE YOU OK??? any thing you can tell me would be great!!! thanx and best wishes and prayers from Central MS.

it's so sad what happened last weekend :-( the guy who was killed would be only 22 in a few weeks... Prisons are designed "to keep the rest of the society safe", what's happening inside is of no one's concern :-( on so many levels inmates are not safe, starting from gang activity, through violence from the cops, not to mention malnutrition and poor medical care. boredom, disrespect, constant lockdown, searches, and then they wonder why there are riots. We don't know much about what exactly happened there, just what we've heard in the news. Steven is relatively okay, physically, just a few bruises and an injured hand. I admit, it's a nightmare to get any confirmation from the officials. hopefully, you will hear from your son soon and find out that he's okay too. greetings from Poland and take care :-)

I heard indirectly my son is OK. Someone also sent me a link from before.if even some is true its horrible.I almost threw up. My son had told me its about the haves and the havenots...just like on the street. Take what you want. Thanx and do take care you!

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