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As I write material for the blog and post my thoughts on here, for the most part I'll try to keep the tone upbeat and lighthearted unless I'm simply unable to. There's enough depressing news in the mainstream media and no reason for me to add to it.

Then again, reading about some of the stuff going on in my life could offer contrast. The equivalent of driving by the scene of a terrible accident. You don't wanna look - but you just can't help yourself. And you're glad it's not you in the accident. Don't worry though, I'm used to the awkward stares.

Not taking myself too seriously was a lesson I learned kinda as a byproduct of living with my stepdad. I was an only child for 10 years, didn't grow up around a lot of other kids or have to put up with a lot of teasing up to that point. I had to develop a thick skin pretty quick. The lesson stuck with me, and I'll only tease people to a point. I don't cut myself any slack though.

Having a weird sense of humor has helped me to better deal with being in prison. I think being bent kept me from snapping. I've literally seen people have complete mental breakdowns. Few of them recovered. Those that did, I've wondered whether it was a blessing or a curse.

So stick around! I figure if I can keep myself entertained I can at least help to do the same for you.

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