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Response to comments-Real Motives & a Different Angle

I was actually surprised at the feedback on the post and welcome it. What my detractors seemed to have lost sight of was the purpose of the post. The purpose wasn't to prove my innocence or go over the evidence or lack thereof. God could come down from heaven and tell you I'm innocent and it wouldn't make a difference to you.


Detractors: Just shut up, God! We know you're just some bleeding-heart-liberal, prisoner-loving-activist! Even your Son was a convicted criminal and was executed.

Go back and reread the title of the post. Good job. Know what that means? It is referring to Mr. John Harmon's motives for getting this case splashed in the media repeatedly, and the methods he used.

Casey Harmon's loved ones, as well as my loved ones, are looking to move beyond what happened in 1998. Hate me if you want. Write me and tell me what a terrible person I am, how I should never have been born, how I should have been executed, how you hope I'll die a slow and painful death...but address it to me. Bringing the case back up time and again and putting it out there publicly is leaving yourself open for public scrutiny. And as you can see, I have a voice as well.

Now to address specific comments...

Sherry Riley Barnett, at first I wanted to go through your comment & point out more of the inconsistencies. That wouldn't serve any purpose, however. You weren't mentioned by this name or any name in any of the documents related to the investigation, and no one that was at the Center that day says anything about seeing you. I'm not trying to cause you or anyone else any more pain than you've already been through. If you truly were there at some point that day & traded shifts with Casey, I'm sorry that you've been second-guessing that all these years. If it would have changed things for the better, I wish you had have been there that day.

Paul Harrison, thank you for your comment, and you are certainly entitled to your opinions. I agree with you that any [honorable] officer gunned down in the line of duty deserves more than 15 minutes of fame. I am not trying to change what you think of me, either. That's like arguing religion or politics; it does no good. As for being executed, it still wouldn't have happened. Check out Roper v. Simmons, 125 S.Ct. 1183 (2005). I'd gladly face the death penalty to get a chance in court though, I assure you.

Rogers, to be mall security I find it odd that you should be privy to any alleged statements besides your own. Those statements never were made by me. Why would I allegedly say I was going to shoot everyone & their grandma? When you probably heard this as gossip or rumor, did you even stop to think about it? The way accounts of the case stand, none of it makes sense. When the time is right, you'll have your answer.

As was stated in a comment on the previous post, if you don't like what is written on this blog- don't read it. I'll keep writing until I'm no longer able. I've told the blog administrators that comments aren't to be deleted. As long as the comments are somewhat on topic and aren't so much verbal diarrhea, I'll respond to them. I'll even communicate with you via snail mail, or you can send a message to the blog's email address and it will be printed and mailed to me. To my detractors, concerning spelling, grammatical or any other errors- mistakes are solely my own. I never made it to 10th grade. What's your excuse? On the subject of hellfire & damnation: I'll have plenty of company if I end up in hell, and if I get there first I'll save you a spot. ;-)

The last name is Roberts. Around that time, I was employed by the mall and the police department. At some point after your capture, I was interviewed by MHP investigators. They are the ones that advised me of your comments.

I doubt you have to worry about God rushing to your defense.


I am glad that you will continue to blog as long as you are able. In return, I will read as long as I am able! :) Like I said before, it was very nice to find you on here and I was surprised! I know its not easy to have someone else type up your entries as well as manage this blog overall, but it would be so great if you could have someone you know help set up a wish list. (Like I mentioned to you) My Uncle was incarcerated during two Christmas holidays and he had me set one up for him, it ended up being the only option the family had for sending him gifts, such as books he liked to read and all, not only for those two Christmas holidays but also for his birthday and other occasions. was always approved to be sent straight from the publisher to the facility where he was. Even when he moved to a new facility, they accepted that as well.

Anyway, enough rambling for now! Keep blogging, I am always happy to see a new post from you!

A huge thank you to all of you who help with Steven's blog, if not for you I would never have found him here and gotten back in contact with him after so many years! <3

continue to be as awesome as you are. We'll dig a hole from china to Mississippi (what a name), and get you out :)

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