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Celebrating the Discovery of Uranus

This year marks 230 years since Uranus was discovered. To celebrate this, I've collected a few fun facts about Uranus. . .

Uranus has a mind of its own- in astrology, Uranus is associated with an independent nature and strong will.

It's darker on Uranus- the mean distance from Uranus to the sun is 1.7 billion miles.

Uranus is heaven- the name Uranus comes from the Greek Ouranos, which means 'heaven'.

There just isn't enough time on Uranus- the length of a day on Uranus is 17.9 hours.

Uranus is always on its side- at some point, something large probably slammed into Uranus, causing this anomaly.

We should be mining Uranus- the core of Uranus is said to possibly contain trillions of diamonds. Don't ask us who told us that.

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