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"By Hook or Crook"- a novel by Chris Roy

I am proud to announce the publication of first-time novelist Chris Roy's breakout title "By Hook or Crook: the Criminal Ventures of Razor & Blondie." Chris wrote this novel in spite of his circumstances and the many restrictions placed on him by those circumstances. Housed in Mississippi's infamous Parchman Prison, Chris endures the heat and parasites -literally and figuratively- as well as the stigma of being classified as a high risk status prisoner. The only high risk you need to be worried about is in missing out on a great read if you don't purchase "By Hook or Crook."

Curious to know what goes on in the mind of a criminal in their natural environs?

Ever wonder about the ins and outs of the criminal world?

Have you considered the ingenuity of criminals?

You might have read novels about crimes and the criminals who commit them. You have never read about criminals as motivated as Razor and Blondie. These two know you've only got one life to live, so live it fast and loud. Chris takes you for a ride through the seedy side of Mississippi's Gulf Coast and you'll come out the other side thankful to have all your parts still attached...and you'll feel strangely excited. Razor and Blondie have a goal: GET RICH OR...GET RICH. There is no other option and they will let nothing get in their way. And they plan on having a good time while doing it. From grand theft auto, to fraud of all forms, to identity theft, this duo makes you an accessory to their illicit deeds. You will feel you need to retain an attorney. Or two.

I was housed with Chris in Unit 32 when he started breathing life into Razor and Blondie. That was an interesting process that I am honored to have witnessed, and hopefully encouraged. Now I need to stop procrastinating and start following my own advice! I am proud of Chris and hope the situation improves for my friend, soon. You can help put a smile on Chris' face by purchasing a copy of his book and letting him know what you think about it.

You can purchase the book here.


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