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We now interrupt your regular scheduled program...

Today I will complain. Why? Because it amuses me and there is nothing you can do to stop me. MUAHAHAHA! Go ahead, try. See? You are no match for my powers of complaint. And now I will proceed with my rant...

Contrary to popular belief, most prisoners do not own a personal TV or even have the opportunity. As the media and the government know too well, televisions are wonderful for pacifying a population, though. In Wilkinson County Correctional Facility there are two TVs on most pods, so there will not be fights about what is to be watched. One is used for movies or regular programs, and the other is for sports.

On 4/20 when these guys were trying to kill each other over an argument that happened on a lockdown pod about a pair of electric clippers, some bright soul decided to pull one of the TVs down and use it as a weapon. That TV is the one I could see from the cell where I am housed. I rarely watch TV, but it's a constant background noise, a subconscious thing. Hearing and not seeing it... I do not think the general public truly realizes how television is brainwashing you.

These days there are more commercials than actual programs, and most of the commercials are for insurance companies. And they play them over and over and over. Ad infinitum. Ad nauseum. (Pun intended.) Progressive. Geico. The General. State Farm. Farmer's Mutual. Ever wonder why your insurance is so high? This is the reason. They can't handle your claims because they are too busy planning their next round of annoying commercials. I do not want to hear Flo sing "I'll stand by you" or play the kazoo. Can't we just get Tard the Grumpy Cat to just frown at people during commercial breaks?

Rise up, people of the world! Take back your TV programming! Boycott companies that have annoying commercials! It is your right to be able to view cute and funny commercials to your heart's content. Speak up and speak out! Indict Flo for crimes against humanity and for smiling too much. The next thing you know, Flo will have her own morning program...and you just cannot trust people who smile that much. 

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Too bad about the sitter or not,to some it probably is deemed necessary ...I would rather read a book.. sort of like a really old commercial. "Take me away Calvin" too bad someone blocked the video
That said...I only have local channels now. Monthly cost for dish way to high..when I only watched a few channels. I too get aggravated at comments I read here and there about how well inmates live.. soooo have some grumpy cat days...humans do that.

Hi! Thank you for your comment. You are right. The fact that inmates have food (reports say it wouldn't be approved as dog's food...), water (they're lucky if it's not contaminated) and some shelter (so often not fit for a living creature) does not make everything okay. Being cut from the outside world, technology, human interaction and news is not the way to make re-entry into society smooth...

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