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Heiress Presumptive or Presumptive Heiress?

You know those lint catchers in clothes dryers? My mind is like that, picking up all kinds of useless facts, tidbits of trivia. Now I get to share them with you! Aren't you excited?!

So, you think you know all the famous heiresses out there? Let's test your knowledge. This one had me stumped, so pay close attention. . .

  • She doesn't need the money she'll one day inherit. She has made millions of dollars, and continues to make money from a TV show in which she co-starred.
  • One of her cousins owned the Adidas shoe company.
  • Another one of her cousins starred in the movie The Goodbye Girl.
  • During the French Resistance of World War II, her grandfather was a hero.
  • Her father is a multi-billionaire.
  • Though her father was born in Paris, she was born in the U.S.
  • After previous attempts, she starred in her own successful TV show.
Have you given up already and tried to Google it? Hah! No cheating. Who do you think it is, so far?
Leave your answer as a comment at the end of this post, if you dare.

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Its the stuff life is made of, I do the same thing and send my son all kind of tidbits of info, some he ask for, some I just feel like sending.

Sorry to have taken so long posting the answer. I know you already Googled it anyway :)
The heiress is Julia Louis-Dreyfus, born as Julia Scarlett Elizabeth Louis-Dreyfus.

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