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A Journey of 1,000 Miles...Begins With a Cavity Search (Part 1)

Before transferring to Wilkinson County Correctional Facility from Unit 32 at the Mississippi State Penitentiary, I'd learned as much as I could about where I might be going. Every facility has its pros & cons, of course. But a lot of what I was hearing as "negatives" from prisoners who had been at the facility before, didn't matter much to me. I don't smoke or do drugs, so I didn't care that I couldn't get those things. And though my record is far from perfect, word was that the admin at WCCF wants to see for themselves what kind of person you are. And that sounds good to me.

So, the day arrives at Unit 32 when they wake us at 4:00 A.M. & tell us to pack up. First comes the visual body search by the guards. They tell you to get like you came into the world- naked. Your clothes are searched. You are searched. There's no place for modesty.

One of the prisoners in the group being transferred that morning tried to hide some dope 'tween his butt cheeks. Didn't work. They found it. He wouldn't give it to them, so they sprayed him with OC spray. Guess who had to sit next to him for the 4 hour van ride? ~sigh~ Yeah, I have all the luck.

After we were searched and restrained, we were transported to the holding cells. All our property was ransacked and the guards decided willy-nilly what they were going to let us keep before running everything through a X-ray machine like the ones they have at airports. We were loaded up in the van & off we went! Short of dragging me behind the van for the entire trip, they could've done pretty much whatever they wanted as long as I was leaving Parchman.

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