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Missing Mail & Evil Midget Clowns

Things happen, mistakes get made & that's just life. In a system where the employees are overworked, underpaid & not appreciated, it's inevitable. But one thing I can't abide is repeatedly & completely avoidable mistakes with my mail. Restricted though it is, my incoming & outgoing mail is my connection with the world. On top of everything else, I don't want to have to worry about whether or not the mail that someone has sent to me is actually going to make it to me or if it will be given to someone else. I have no way of knowing.

This being the second incident in recent weeks, not including the couple of times someone's mail was given to me, I had to say something about it. (I really dislike having to complain about it, because it almost feels like I'm snitching.) Luckily for me, the assistant shift supervisor came around, & talking to her about the situation calmed me a bit. This isn't something I can take chances with.

In the course of discussing the problem with the assistant shift supervisor, I was showing her the 3 items of mail I had received. One piece had the number of the cell I'm housed in written on it, the other two had a different cell number written on them by the mailroom staff, but all of them were given to the wrong person at first. I was holding one of the envelopes out to show her the number written on it. . .when a picture fell out. A picture of evil-looking midgets dressed as clowns. Or evil-looking clowns trying to pass as midgets. I can never tell them apart. (At this juncture I would like to invoke the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy.) After an awkward moment, the officer with her picked the picture up & handed it back to me. Not willing to tempt Fate any farther, I proceeded to thank them & crawfished away from the door.

The next morning I also spoke with the Unit Manager, who said that she'd send out an email about it & would also contact the mailroom for me. Was glad to hear that, but this is something I have to follow through on. Can't have my evil midget clown pictures falling into the wrong hands. . .

me and my husband went threw the same things with mail now we're both in tne state of ( not the midget :-)lol )mississippi and after three days he should have gotton it two weeks went by and no reply letter. So now im very concerned(whats going on with the mail im thikning being personal things were in the letter pretty pictures lol) long story short mail was given to another and photos where taken out even though they all played by the rules not to wild. make no mistake b/c i wrote the mailing addres very clear. yea they may be underpaid but hell we all are!!!! their job is to make sure the mail is given to the right person and, with all the content in place

I hope since this was written, that things have started to clear up regarding the mail. I also hope my letter gets to you too, of course! I mailed it early this week, it should be there soon if not already. :) No evil clowns or hams or anything, but its page after page of catching up we had to do so I hope it reaches you!

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